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Time to shake up occupational insurance

Join us as we reshape insurance around the people it's supposed to protect. Drawing on proprietary data modeling, we have recalibrated risk and rate for workers' comp premiums based on a company’s true safety profile, not industry perceptions.
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Our underwriting model is a new opportunity to embolden your partnerships with clients.
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Once you're appointed, you can prospect in industries that have been falsely saddled with high prices due to the perception of risk. You’ll be able to reward out-performing accounts on your books and help underperformers become safer and reap benefits. The process is quick and easy. You’ll be all set to write business within a day of completing these simple steps.

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Elevate your conversation by using our data to back you up: Why should your clients continue to subsidize unsafe companies through a high worker's comp premium when our safety data proves they outperform the industry?

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Choose fact
over fiction

SafeTier™, our exclusive new underwriting tool, was built to strengthen agent-client relationships by tipping the scales in favor of safe companies. The obvious first step to transforming occupational insurance.

Get appointed and open new opportunities to write industrial class business

Data-driven underwriting That boosts agency growth

Forget restrictions around height, radius or 1099s. We replace subjectivity with data so you can confidently write business for any industry.

Quick and seamless quoting process

You’ll have a transparent quote showing why a price is what it is within hours, not weeks. In some cases, our quotes have come in 30% lower than current premiums.

On-demand safety pros to help your clients become safer

We provide your clients with personalized training and safety recommendations from EHS and OSHA experts to strengthen their culture of safety.
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Badlands Tank Lines


Insurate saved Badlands $173,744 on workers’ comp insurance.

These people love having us on their side. You will too.

Find out how your business can benefit from this revolution in occupational insurance

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Get fair premiums based on how safe you are – not industry averages.
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Minimize loss and reduce exposure to risk with our proprietary risk scoring.
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Insurate was started by an agent who understood the unfairness in workers' comp offerings. Join us and unlock a new way to build client relationships.

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What's the difference between Insurate’s workers' comp coverage and traditional workers' comp?
We bring the same coverage as traditional workers’ comp, just different pricing.
Is Insurate guaranteed issue workers' comp?
No, we provide coverage only to safe companies.
How is my STI score calculated and can it change?
Our Safe-Tier is a blend of OSHA history & statistics and claims history. We also use a predictive score based on location and incident likelihood.
How is Insurate’s process different from traditional workers' comp?
We look at each customer holistically and give fair pricing based on how that customer conducts their business, not what business they do.
What carriers does Insurate work with and what are their ratings?
We work with a host of national carriers such as Key Risk, AmTrust, and others.
Is Insurate an insurance company?
We’re a different type of wholesaler that works directly with our underwriters to develop quotes that are exclusive to Insurate.
Can I buy directly through Insurate or do I need to work with my agent?
We value the consultative nature of agents and sell directly through them.
I'm an agent and want to offer Insurate to my clients, what do I need to do?
You simply need to get appointed. For more details click here.
Why is my Insurate premium so much lower than my existing workers' comp premium?
Our STI score is based on transparent data about how safe your business operates. This score helps inform your fairly priced premium.
What states is Insurate available in?
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
What Industries does Insurate focus on? What if my or my client’s Industry isn’t one of those?
The only qualifications are that you have more than 20 employees. However, customers that are in industrialized areas will see greater savings because our data is centered on those types of businesses.
How does Insurate verify its savings claim?
We’ve analyzed nearly 13.1 million companies and have several case studies that can be seen here.
What size does my company need to be to use Insurate?
You just need 20 or more employees and have operated for at least 3 years. 
Is Insurate a public or privately owned company?
We’re a privately held company.
How long has Insurate been around?
We were established in 2019 with our founders having over 20 years of insurance experience.
What Industries does Insurate focus on? What if my or my client’s Industry isn’t one of those?
The only qualifications are that you have more than 20 employees. However, customers that are in industrialized areas will see greater savings because our data is centered on those types of businesses.