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June 13,  2021

Insurate announces illness and accident protection for America’s workforce

Introducing Comp Care™, an insurance solution for small & medium sized businesses and their employees, providing cash benefits due to hospitalization of up to $13,000—for less than $10/month per employee

Seattle, Washington, June 13,  2021 — Insurate, a leading  insurance technology provider, wholesaler, and managing general agent, that leverages data science and analytics to recognize and reward safe businesses announced today a new category of A&H coverage designed specifically for small and medium industrial-focused  businesses. Comp Care™ is developed in partnership with and backed by worldwide insurance leader Liberty Mutual. Contracted as both Managing General Agency & Third Party Administrator, Insurate exclusively distributes Comp Care(™) through agents, affiliate groups & networks, and embedded channels.  

Because every business relies on their people to thrive, Insurate imagined a simplified class of coverage that can provide peace of mind to workers, especially in response to conditions of the pandemic. The result is Comp Care, a supplemental coverage product for small- and medium-sized companies that reaches beyond the benefits provided by standard workers’ comp insurance. Carrying the coverage reassures a company’s workforce, knowing they are covered for at-home or at-work accidents, or sickness requiring ER or hospital assistance, including coverage for COVID-19.


Comp Care was created from understanding the needs of modern businesses to create something powerfully relevant and affordable during these uncertain times. We don’t just provide workers compensation, we provide peace of mind to the employees that drive the success of their companies


says Joe McIllhon, CEO of Insurate.

Priced at $9.75 per month per employee, Comp Care costs a fraction of traditional hospital indemnity plans. Signing up employees takes a few minutes and includes no health screenings or questionnaires to fill out — all qualified employees can participate. Companies with 10 or more employees can register online by filling out a few information fields and uploading payment in a matter of minutes.  Comp Care can also be bundled with Insurate’s workers compensation offerings to provide more holistic employee protection.


Since our partners challenged us to rethink illness and accident coverage for critical industries, we worked with Liberty Mutual to create one-of-a-kind coverage from the ground up, independent of other supplemental healthcare plans. Comp Care provides the first broadening of workers’ comp coverage in the marketplace. The plan’s cash benefits provide a safety net should something unfortunate occur to those working on our behalf


says Scott Weller, President of Insurate.

Comp Care is an employer paid benefit plan, covering all qualified employees of an organization.  Spouse and family plans are available as well.

About Insurate

Insurate is a leading insurance technology provider, wholesaler, and managing general agency that leverages data science to create new occupational insurance products for America’s industrial workforce.  Through data science and predictive analytics, Insurate identifies businesses that are statistically safer than average, and rewards safe businesses with access to new products and significant insurance savings.

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